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Troubleshoot website domains blocked by Facebook

When using and running Facebook ads, you may encounter issues with website domains blocked by Facebook. This happens if your website domain is suspected of violating Facebook's terms and policies, and the website domain may be blocked from sending events to Facebook.

If you believe that you are complying with Facebook's policies and terms and your website domain is blocked by mistake, please follow our instructions below to provide information and submit a request to Facebook to unblock your domains.

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A. Troubleshoot in Facebook Business Manager account
B. Troubleshoot with Facebook Sharing Debugger tool

A. Troubleshoot in Facebook Business Manager account

To check information about your website domain, go to tab Diagnostics in Facebook Events Manager. Then, follow the instructions to see if any domains are blocked and how to fix it.

If you believe your domain was incorrectly blocked, Pixel admins can request a review of the decision in the Diagnostics tab in Events Manager. Reviews are usually completed in a few days. Once your review is complete, the diagnostic will show if it was rejected or approved. If your review was rejected but you believe the decision was incorrect, you can request up to 5 reviews of a blocked domain. To see past review requests and decisions, please check your Pixel history in Events Manager.

B. Troubleshoot with Facebook Sharing Debugger tool

Visit Facebook Sharing Debugger tool via this link.

Enter the domain name (or product URL) that is having problems and click on the Debug button. After that, Facebook will show the results related to that domain name.

In case after clicking the button Debug, you still can not see any information, click on the phrase let us know to ask Facebook to double check if you believe you're not violating Facebook Community Standards, and then follow the instructions.

Please refer to this article for more detailed information on how to troubleshoot blocked website domains on Business Help Center.

Updated on: 13/09/2022

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