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Supported Custom Art concepts for personalized campaigns

With Custom Art service, ShopBase (PrintHub), PrintBase, and PlusBase can help improving campaign's design quality and providing more unique design ideas with the support from our design team. Therefore, merchants can increase customer satisfaction and generate more sales. In this article, we will give you an introduction on supported concepts of Custom Art.

In this article

A. Introduction to Custom Art
B. Supported Custom Art concepts
C. Materials needed for campaigns with Custom Art
D. Review process for campaigns with Custom Art

A. Introduction to Custom Art

Please visit this article for an introduction to Custom Art.

B. Supported Custom Art concepts

One campaign can include a mix of different concepts to provide your customers with more unique design ideas.

Designs that require background removal and/or Photoshop editing steps:

In this design concept, you must remove the background of the customer's image, edit details such as lighting (for example, brightness and shadow) and angle to fit the design's concept.
For example, in this demo campaign, customers will provide an image of their pet. You will then have to remove the background of the pet image, adjust the brightness, and place the pet's head to different positions.

Designs with special effects that require multiple complex Photoshop editing steps:

This concept of design contains many special effects that requires many designing steps on Photoshop.
For example, in this demo campaign, customers will provide an image of their pet. You will then have to remove the background of the pet image, adjust the lighting (for example, brightness and shadow), apply painting effect, place the edited pet image to the custom position, and edit the surrounding details to match the pet image.

Designs that require redrawing:

In this type of design, you will need to redraw every detail of the personalized elements provided by the customers to match the campaign's concept.
For example, in this demo campaign, customers will provide a portrait image. You will then have to remove the background, and redraw the portrait in the signature style of the design's cartoon characters.

You can visit this demo store for Custom Art to see all campaign's ideas that ShopBase support. You can also import these campaigns directly to your store for sales by following the instructions in this article.

C. Materials needed for campaigns with Custom Art

Materials for campaigns with Custom Arts should be provided:

To ensure that ShopBase design team fully understands the concept of your campaign, and to avoid misunderstandings and mistakes.
To ensure the design's quality live up to your campaign's expectations.
To shorten the time of designing, order processing, and order fulfillment.

The following materials need to be provided when creating campaigns with Custom Art (The appropriate materials should be provided depending on the complexity of the campaign's concept):

An explanation of the campaign's concept and instructions on how to design.
Photoshop file of the design.
Photoshop action file of your design process.
Available details of the design. For example, when a campaign uses a redraw style in the third example in section B, merchants can provide ShopBase with some specific details such as eyes, mouth, glasses, hair, clothes, etc.

Provide additional materials for your campaign with Custom Art in Editor

D. Review process for campaigns with Custom Art

Campaigns that are imported directly from ShopBase sample library does not need to be reviewed.

Campaigns that are newly created or edited from ShopBase's sample library will be reviewed by ShopBase to see if:

The campaign's concept can be supported.
The provided materials for the campaign's design are sufficient.
The campaign violates ShopBase's policy (for example, DMCA policy).
The design has any issue (for example, the design does not correctly align with the template).

To avoid DMCA violation, you should not use image and quotes that are directly from the copyrighted materials in your design, along with any keywords related to the copyrighted materials in the campaign's title and description.
Campaigns that are being reviewed by ShopBase will have In Review status after being launched from your campaign's editor.

When the campaign is approved, its status changes to Launching, Available with basic images, and Available accordingly. Once the campaign is Available with basic images, you can start selling it.

Each time your campaign is approved, you will be notified via email. In the email, you can:

View the campaign details (name, ID, and store name).
To view your approved campaign on the storefront, click View campaign.

If the campaign is rejected after being reviewed. You can hover over the information icon to see the reason why your campaign is rejected. Below are some possible reasons why you campaign is rejected:

Campaigns that use effects and concepts that ShopBase has not supported yet or does not support because the committed quality and processing time cannot be guaranteed.
Campaigns with insufficient materials. In this case, you can create a new campaign with more additional materials.
Campaigns that contain DMCA violations.

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Updated on: 22/11/2022

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