In-cart Upsell is a new feature in the Boost Upsell app that allows sellers to create product recommendations that match the current products in the customer shopping cart. Recommended products will be displayed below Cart recommendations in the shopping cart as this photo.

This section will help you to understand and guide you on how to install In-cart Upsell on your store.

Step by step Tutorial

From the ShopBase admin page, go to Apps >> Boost Upsell >> Upsell.

Click Create offer.

Click In-cart.

Enter the name of the deal in the Offer's name field. This name will be displayed on the Upsell dashboard page of all upsell offers that you created.

The products you choose on Choose Target products section are the products that when customers add those products to their shopping cart, In-cart Upsell offers are displayed in the shopping cart. You can choose All products (all products), Specific products (some specific products), Specific collections (some specific collections).

The products you choose on Choose Recommend products are recommended products in the customer's shopping cart. You can choose either Specific products (specific products) or Specific by base category (choose products from specific product categories - this section suits products that created by PrintBase, PrintHub).

You can prioritize the display of suggested products in order from highest to lowest price or vice versa from the lowest price to highest price in Recommend variant with section.


In case you choose Specific by base category, the system will display recommendations of product variations from one of the products of the selected product category in the same campaign with the product you choose from the Choose Targe products section. For example, the product in the Choose Target products section is a T-shirt under campaign A, you choose Specific by base category in the Choose Recommend products section with the categories Drinkware and Shoes, then the offer displayed to the customer may be mugs or shoes from the same campaign A.

In case there are multiple suggested products in the shopping cart when the customer adds a suggested product to the cart, the system automatically suggests the next product, according to the setting.
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