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A. What are swatches?

B. How to create swatches

A. What is the swatches for?

Swatches allow you to group different products into separate groups based on common characteristics (such as color and size). Each swatch will be presented by an set image (or color for color swatches).

For example, one print-on-demand product with same design in different styles can have swatches as below:

B. How to create swatches


On your ShopBase admin page, go to Product > Edit product. Find Variant section.

Your products need to have variant images to show swatches. You can edit each variant or tick the box in front of said variant to update images.

Select Group your variant by one option. Your variants will be divided to specific groups. The Option you choose will have product images displayed on the product page.

Go to Roller theme editor > Settings > Product Grid.

In Product Form section, select Options Style as Button, then choose Enable variant group swatches:


Each group must have a unique variant image. If there's no unique image for one group, no swatches can be shown for this product.
The option you want to group your variants to make swatches must be first option of your option list, except color swatch(which will always display as swatches if correctly set up).
If color is set as first option, product images will be shown instead of color swatches.
By default, the product will be grouped by first option (when importing and adding products).
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