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A. Before you start

B. Supported HTML Color Names

A. Before you start:

Follow the steps to enable swatches for your products: How to create swatches
Your option's name must be either Color, Colors, Colour, or Colours (upper-case or lower-case is ignored)
Your color values must be in the following list. You can add non-letter characteristics (such as spacing, - and _), and we will remove them when comparing with supported color names. Upper-case and lower-case is ignored
If your color value of a product is not a supported value, we will not show Color Swatch for this product
ShopBase supports all colors from Burgerprint, Gearment, Gearlaunch. Check out the table in Section B for their supported color names.

B. Supported HTML Color Names

Check out our list to find the supported color codes and color names on ShopBase.
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