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This section will guide you on how to review abandoned checkouts so you can find out their common characteristics and helps you figure out why a customer did not complete a payment for these orders.

Step by step Tutorial

From your ShopBase admin, go to Orders >> Abandoned Checkout. You will see a list of abandoned checkouts in the left.

List of abandoned checkouts must include these information:

Date: date of order creation
Placed By: Customer's name
Email status
SMS status
Recovery status: status of whether the customer has paid for pending payments, after sending email and message reminders.
Total: total amount of order.

You can enter information such as: date, customer name, ... in the Search checkouts bar to find the unpaid orders you want. You can also filter unfinished orders with the Email status, SMS status, Recovery status filters.

In the list of abandoned checkouts, click on the order for which you want to see details. On the order details page you can see:

Information about customers in column Customer
Operations related to orders are listed in the Timeline section.
Information about shopping cart is listed in Checkout details
You can add a note to the order in the Additional details section.

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