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Overview of PrintBase

This article will provide you with an overview of PrintBase and its features.

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A. What is PrintBase and why do we need it?
B. What are the features of PrintBase?

A. What is PrintBase and why do we need it?

We at ShopBase are well aware that Print-on-demand merchants have a lot on their plate everyday: creating their winning designs, promoting products, receiving thousands of orders and manually fulfilling all of them. After that, they have to deal with huge numbers of customer feedback and may face dispute if support is slow or customers are unsatisfied, which prevent them from scaling business.

We aim to take the burden of fulfillment away from merchants, so they can just focus on advertising, coming up with the next product ideas and retail experiences.

PrintBase is an ALL-IN-ONE Print-on-demand solution that allows you to create products with your designs and quickly publish them to ShopBase online stores. The special thing is, when you have orders, we will work with our partners to proceed them, handle printing and shipping to your customers. Moreover, we provide reliable payment gateway and the best customer support service.

With PrintBase, you sell Print-on-demand products and we handle the rest - design, fulfillment, support and billing.

B. What are the features of PrintBase?

Create a new store with available Print-on-demand supplier integration and optimized conversion rate page within one minute.

Offer a wide range of products with various mockups.

Create new campaigns easily with unique designs, customize their information and instantly publish them to ShopBase online store.

High-quality fulfillment system with the best suppliers in the printing industry having fast and effective processing and shipping.

Provide the best customer service guarantee by PrintBase to handle merchants’ orders and customers’ feedback.

Provide payment gateway with both Stripe and PayPal and reduce payment challenges for merchants: They only pay when an order is made and can request payout after 24 hours, which helps accelerate the cash flow and quickly re-invest back into business.

You can view PrintBase package's details by going to your store admin site > Settings > Account.

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Payout with PrintBase
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Updated on: 10/02/2023

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