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Overview of Digital Products

ShopBase Creator supports a variety of digital products, allowing content creators to cater to their audience's diverse needs and interests. The platform currently supports four types of digital products:

Digital Downloads: These are files that customers can download directly after completing a purchase. Examples of digital downloads include ebooks, Notion templates, Canva templates, videos, audio files, software, and other digital assets. ShopBase Creator makes it easy to upload, manage, and sell digital downloads, ensuring a smooth experience for both creators and customers. How to create a Digital Product
Online Courses: Content creators can design and offer structured online courses using ShopBase Creator. The platform enables creators to organize course content into chapters and lessons, incorporate multimedia elements, and provide various learning resources. Creators can also track students' progress and offer quizzes to enhance the learning experience. How to create an Online Course
Coaching Sessions: ShopBase Creator allows content creators to sell coaching sessions, consultations, or one-on-one training. Creators can set up session details, and pricing, and attach their booking calendar link. How to create a Coaching Session
Freelance Services: Creators can also offer specialized services, such as design, writing, or consulting, through ShopBase Creator. The platform enables creators to set up service packages, define deliverables, and manage orders effectively. How to create a Freelance Service

With the support for these four digital product types, ShopBase Creator empowers content creators to build a diverse portfolio of offerings, satisfying various customer needs and preferences.

Updated on: 29/07/2023

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