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Product Widget is a component on the page, collecting products suggested for visitors viewing the page. Product recommendation extensions may contribute to an increase in store sales if customers find the recommended products necessary, interesting, and useful. ShopBase offers 6 types of product recommendation extensions using the Product Widget feature on Boost Upsell. Each extension recommends the product that works best on different store pages. This section instructs you on choosing the right product recommendation extension for your pages to optimize the benefits of this application to your online store. Please refer to this article to know how to make changes to product widgets display.

Product page

Using product recommendations such as Best sellers, Who bought this also bought, Products from the same collections or Recently viewed & featured products on the product page will encourage customers to spend more time on your store. Hence, this might increase the likelihood that they will buy.

Cart page

After the customer has made a purchase decision and is redirected to the shopping cart page, recommending products similar to or related to those already in the buyer's shopping cart increases the average order quantity and value. Recently viewed & featured products, Cart recommendations, Products from the same collections should be used.


If visitors visit the homepage, this means they are new customers or just pass by. In this case, you should inform guests about the available offers and discounts or focus on best-selling products. You can use the Best sellers or Recently viewed & featured products widgets on your homepage.
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