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Map products and change suppliers on Ali Dropship Connector

All store orders are listed in the Manage Orders category of Ali Dropship Connector. You can process those orders with the services provided by AliExpress suppliers. All products can be handled by the Ali Dropship Connector regardless of whether the product was made by the Ali Dropship Connector or not, as long as the product has a supplier on AliExpress. Product mapping feature allows you to map the product of the order with the corresponding product on AliExpress for convenient order processing. Products created by Ali Dropship Connector will be automatically mapped to products on AliExpress. You can still change the mapping to another product on AliExpress in case you want to change suppliers.

Step by Step Tutorial

From ShopBase admin site, go to Apps > Ali Dropship Connector.

In Manage orders, click on the order's name you want to map product.

Click Map product on the product you want to map with on AliExpress.

Paste the corresponding product link on AliExpress and click Import.

Tick the options/variants of products you want to map in ShopBase Product column and choose the corresponding values in To Be Fulfilled With column. Click Save changes once you finish your setting. Then your products are ready to be ordered!

Changing the suppliers does not affect product information in your ShopBase store.
The number of AliExpress product options must be equal to or more than ShopBase's product option quantity.
Changing suppliers only applies to products and orders that have not been placed yet.

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Updated on: 13/09/2022

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