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Integrate Tiktok Pixel on ShopBase

You can integrate TikTok Pixel into your online store to help you understand more about customer behaviors and the traffic sources. It allows you to collect actions that people take on your store so that you can track conversions or plan your ad campaigns to target customers more effectively.

In this article

A. Create TikTok Pixel
B. Install TikTok Pixel ID on ShopBase store
C. Verify your pixel
D. Troubleshoot duplicated events
E. TikTok Pixel events

A. Create TikTok Pixel

Go to Pixel Manager in TikTok and log into your account.

Select Assets > Event.

In Website Pixel, click Manage.

Click Create Pixel.

Enter a name for your Pixel & choose TikTok Pixel, then click Next.

Select Manually Install Pixel Code.

Select Custom Code.

Enable Automatic Advanced Matching and select only Email. Then, click Next.

Click Complete Setup.

Your pixel will be created, click on its name to view detail. Then, copy the Pixel ID.

B. Install TikTok Pixel ID on ShopBase store

From your ShopBase admin site, go to Marketing & Sales > Sales channels and select TikTok.

Paste the TikTok Pixel ID that you have previously copied in part A.

Click Save changes.

C. Verify your TikTok pixel

Install TikTok Pixel Helper for Chrome. Once installed, you will see the TikTok Pixel Helper icon in Chrome.
Go to any product pages on your online store, click on the icon to check if your tag is working correctly.

D. Troubleshoot duplicated events

Along with the above method, you can track your customer behaviors by manually adding the TikTok Pixel tracking script to Additional Script. However, if the two methods are applied simultaneously, each event will be sent more than once, leading to the data duplication.

To solve this problem, go to Preferences > Additional scripts and delete the TikTok Pixel script added before.

E. TikTok Pixel events

When an action happens on your online store after you've added a TikTok Pixel in ShopBase, TikTok counts the action as an event. You can use event data to learn more about how customers interact with your store.

After you integrate a TikTok Pixel with your online store, it automatically tracks 6 events, with their descriptions as follows:

Page View: When a visitor views any page on your store.
View Content: When a visitor views a product page.
Add to Cart: When a visitor adds a product to the shopping cart.
Initiate Checkout: When a visitor clicks on the checkout button.
Complete Payment and Place an Order: When a visitor completes a purchase and views the thank you page in the checkout.

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Updated on: 22/09/2022

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