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This feature aims at motivating customers to buy more by presenting them with irresistible deals.

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A. How to create a Quantity Discounts offer?
B. How to manage Quantity Discounts settings?

A. How to create a Quantity Discounts offer?

To set this up, go to Boost Upsell dashboard => Quantity Discounts and click Create new quantity discount or Create offer button.

Step 1: Fill in the offer's name and message.

You can also edit the success message (the message your customers will see after they've taken the offer).

Step 2: Choose target products.

You can choose to show the offer on every product page or select specific products or collections.

Step 3: Set up offer's discount.

Enter the min quantity that your customers have to reach to get the discount. You can set up the discount by percentage or amount.

You can have more than one discount for an offer. Simply click Add more.

After you've finished, click Submit offer.

B. How to manage Quantity Discounts settings?

You can set up further settings for Quantity Discounts feature by going to Settings > Quantity Discounts Settings.

Select Quantity Discounts offers position

Click the Change position button and you will be directed to a new window to select the preferred position for your Quantity Discounts offers.

Click Save when you've finished.

Set up Call-to-Action button

You can choose to direct your customers to cart or let them continue their shopping when the call-to-action button is clicked.

This is how the offer looks like on your product page:

You can also visit our demo store here to try the offer.
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