ShopBases provides our merchants with a mockup for each product that can be easily tested with custom designs.

What is a Mockup?

Mockup is a product model on which you can fit your own design for demonstration to your customers. A mockup can be everything: a tumbler design, shirt design, canvas design, bag design, and many others. With the mockup’s help, both merchants and customers can visualize how the design will display, especially before launching it.

Mockup usage

Download mockups from Mockup Library. There is a PSD file for each available product on PrintBase and Print Hub Catalog. Find the one(s) you will need.

Open the file. You may need the Adobe Photoshop in your PC or you can use to update online.

Move the cursor to the image of Smart Object layer on the layer panel where is written print or print_front or print_back. Double click on the layer and the program will open a new window, where you can change the exacting design to your own design.

After making your changes, click Ctrl + S or Cmd + S to save.

Go back to the initial file and you’ll see that your design is inscribed on the model.

Double click on the Smart Object layer

Make change before saving
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