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Even when some of your products are no longer available but if you still want to keep them on your storefront and disable the Add-to-Cart button at the same time, follow this step-by-step guide for more information!

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A. In Product Page
B. In Bulk Update

A. In Product Page

Open Product Page of the product that you want to disable Add to Cart button in dashboard admin.
Scroll down to Variants tab > Click on the pencil symbol to edit.
Scroll down to Inventory tab > In Inventory policy, choose option ShopBase tracks this product inventory > Remove the mark in Allow customer to purchase this product when it's out of stock > Click on Save.
Now the button Add to Cart has changed into Sold out.

Click this pencil icon to edit your stock unit...

...update settings in Inventory to look like this then press Save...

...and here is the final result!

B. In Bulk Update

Open feature Bulk Update in dashboard admin.
Filter products do you want to mass update by following this guideline .
In Action tab, choose option Change inventory quantity to and fill in number 0.
Press Preview Bulk Update and a preview window pops up > Click Start Bulk Update to change Add to Cart button into Sold Out.

Choose this action and set Quantity as 0 (zero) then press Preview Bulk Update... comes the Preview, just double-check it and press Start Bulk Update to disable Add to Cart button!

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