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A. How Add-to-cart upsell offers work?
B. Tips & tricks to create the best Add-to-cart upsell offers

A. How Add-to-cart upsell offers work?

Upsell offer allows you to encourage your customers to replace/upgrade to a more expensive item or to add another item that is best paired with. When customers view a product and add it to cart, a popup will show up in the middle of the page to offer items that customers are most likely want to buy.

You can choose to upsell a single product, a number of specific products or the whole collection.

B. Tips & Tricks to create best add-to-cart upsell offers

Create more than 1 add-to-cart upsell offers for 1 target product

Instead of offering only 1 upsell item for a target product, give your customers more choices in the upsell offer. The more choices you show, the higher possibility of increasing their cart value.

As shown on this sample upsell offer, we suggest that you offer 3 complimentary accessories that customers can pair with their swimsuit to complete their summer look. They can buy 1 item or all of the 3 items, each at a great discount.

When your customers add items to their cart, it is a perfect time to show additional items that help them get more value from what they’re already planning to buy which will lead to better customer shopping experience!

Choose best sellers as target products

The purpose of this tip is to maximize the number of times customers see your upsell offers, thus increasing customers' orders and your sales. As offers only show up when a target product is added to cart, best sellers would logically be the best target products.

Offer great discount to your unpopular items to clear them out as soon as possible

Let’s say in this example, the Red Swimsuit is a best-seller item and the Sunshine Flip Flop is an unpopular item that is difficult to sell. Creating an add-to-cart upsell offer as above will help:

Increase views for the unpopular item because it shows up every time a customer adds the best-seller to cart.
Sell the unpopular item more easily because now it is a 70% discount if bought with the best seller.

Just make sure the unpopular item is a good complement for the best seller product that you are pairing with, so they can be bought together.

Pricing rule of 25

According to the rule of “25”, when you upsell products, the additional value customers have to pay more should not exceed 25% of the price they pay for the target product. For example:

If a customer pays $100 for a dress, you should suggest accessories whose (discounted) price is $25 or lower.
If a customer buys a dress of $100, you should only offer them an upgrade to a similar dress of $125 or lower. It is unlikely that she is willing to pay $65 or more, to change to another item 65% more expensive than the one she intends to buy in the first place.
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