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By optimizing your thank-you page and adding upsell products, Post-purchase upsell offer will help you sell more to customers who just completed a purchase with your store.

This feature only works if the orders were checked out with Paypal account.

To create a post-purchase upsell offer, please go to your app dashboard > Upsell > Post-purchase Upsell and click Create offer.

1. Set up offer's name and message

You can select the offer's title and message in the dropdown or write your own.

2. Choose target products

You can choose to show the post-purchase upsell offer for an order that includes any product or you can select specific products/collections.

3. Choose recommended products

In this section, please select the products that will be upsold on your thank-you page.

4. Offer's discount (optional)

Setting up discounts for your upsold products will motivate customers to add to cart.

When all is set, click Submit offer.

The offer will show up on Post-purchase upsell offer page and you can set a priority to show upsell offers here.

This is how the post-purchase upsell offer would show on your thank-you page. The saving percentage of discounted products will also show as a tag to motivate your customers make the purchase.

With this feature, your customers can buy more with just some clicks and there's no need to add payment info again.
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