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A. How custom Cross-sell (Bundles) offers work?
B. How to create a Custom cross-sell (bundles) offer?

A. How Cross-sell (Bundles) offers work?

With cross-sell offers, you can encourage customers to buy related or complementary products when they view pre-selected products. An offer will show as a bundle of products which is displayed right below the Add-to-cart button on the product page.

B. How to create a custom Cross-sell (Bundles) offer?

Go to App's dashboard >> Cross-sell >> Bundles >> Click Create offer:

Step 1: Set up the offer's name and message.

Offer's name: This helps you manage your offers more easily. However, this is optional and you can leave it blank.
Offer's message: Please be noted that you cannot save you cross-sell offers if you forget to fill in the message. You should create an appealing and intriguing message that makes your offer more attractive.

Step 2: Select products you want to bundle together in your cross-sell offer.

At least 2 products are required for a cross-sell offer:

After creating a bundle of products, you can set the product you want to show the cross-sell offer as target product by clicking Set as target. Once you have selected your target product, you can tick Only show this bundle when customers visit target product so the cross-sell offer will only show on the product page of the target product.

Step 3: Set up a new price for the whole bundle (optional).

This setting aims at offering a discount that boosts your visitors to purchase the whole combo. There are two types of discounts: fixed amount and percentage.

Step 4: Click Submit Offer once you accomplish all required information.
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