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We understand that creating add-to-cart upsell offers may take too much of your time or may get too complicated for you, especially when you have many products on your site.

Worry no more! Boost Upsell app has Smart Upsell and Smart Cross-sell feature wherein they can automatically suggest offers to your customers based on your sales history.

In this article:
A. Smart Upsell and Smart Cross-sell
B. Suggested offers

Important Note: Please give time for the app to study your sales history, the longer it stays on - the better offers it recommends.

Our Smart Upsell and Smart Cross-sell features are powered by our AI which collects, records and analyses customer behaviors on your site to create recommended products that they're most likely to purchase. It always thrives to create more precise offers that will attract your customers to buy more and have merchants to stay on top of the game!

A. Smart Upsell and Smart Bundles

These two features take into account every factor that matters then generating exact products, which should be up-sold with a specific one. The best thing is, they can do so for any of your products. They apply not only to big data & machine learning to suggest relevant items, but also follow fundamental upsell rules by e-commerce experts to make sure that you either augment or improve the product with your offers.

The main factors that we use to generate the data

We take into account many factors to calculate and decide the relevant level between your products. To make it simple to understand, they boil down to 4 main factors, which are:

Users preference: prioritize to show products that the customer has viewed or bought.
Products that are bought after currently viewing product is viewed.
Products that are frequently bought with currently viewing product.
Products that are frequently viewed in the same session with the currently viewing one.

Depends on each individual's browsing behavior, the smart upsell and cross-sell offers may vary for each customer and they will see different offers. In addition, order history in your store will also affect the way smart upsell and cross-sell features work. For example, Smart upsell will suggest different products when the season changes or there is a new trend of products combination in your sales history.

Global smart upsell and cross-sell will be automatically turned on when you first install Boost Upsell app. Kindly note that it will work best with a reasonable amount of store data. It's definitely a smart choice for merchants whose stores have a great number of products and are not able to handle every single item.

Smart upsell recommendation rules

In global smart upsell, Boost Upsell allows you to add more rules to make smart upsell works even "smarter".

Set rules for your target products: by default, global smart upsell would apply for all of your products. To give you more space to control which products should be targeted, we add options for you to include/exclude products from global smart upsell by manually picking one by one or set product rules.
Upsell product rules: we understand that there may be some other factors that you would want to take into account to make upsell products align with your purpose. Here you can add more rules about prices, collections, tags, product vendor so that Boost Upsell could know which product it should prioritize in the list. An upsell item that match all of your rules will be ranked #1, following by others.
Lastly, the number of upsell products in a smart upsell offer will never exceed the max number of you set.

B. Suggested offers

Different from Global Smart Upsell and Cross-sell, Suggested offers need your approval to be activated. After Boost Upsell is installed in your store, your historical data will be analyzed to find which products are often bought together, then suggest equivalent offers.

We score each suggested offer for you to know which one would likely have better performance when it goes live. The score is counted based on the frequency of the combination that Boost Upsell finds in your order record. By clicking Create offer button, the suggested offer will go live on your store. For this type of offer, you are able to add a discount to make it more attractive to customers.

You can use Suggested Offers to analyze and gain insights from your customers. It is the best choice for those who don't want to depend too much on Global Smart Upsell or Smart Cross-sell and need a way to improve their custom offers.

We hope this article would help you understand more about our Smart Upsell and Smart Cross-sell, hence are able to find a suitable solution.
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