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Export your ShopBase Payments transactions

In case a seller using ShopBase Payments wants to check the list of processed transactions and their costs to track the business results, please follow the steps below in the article to export your ShopBase Payments transaction history.

Step by step tutorial

From ShopBase admin, go to Settings > Payment Providers.

Click on your ShopBase Payments to open the account details. Next, click on the View balance button.

On the ShopBase Payments Balance page, click Export ShopBase Payment transactions.

On the Export ShopBase Payments transactions popup, you can select the time range of transactions you want to export or there is an option to export all lifetime transactions (All transactions on this ShopBasae Payments account). Also on this popup, you can select the type of file you want to export.

Click on the Export button when you have finished. A CSV file containing your ShopBase Payments transactions will be sent to the email address of the logged-in account. Click on the file name to download to your computer.

Explain meanings of columns in the downloaded file

Account: ID of your ShopBase Payments account
Account Currency: currency of your ShopBase Payments account
Store Currency: currency of your ShopBase store
ShopBase Payments Fee (%) and ShopBase Payments Fixed Fee: ShopBase Payments fee charged on your account. Please refer to this document of ShopBase Payments Pricing.
Shop Domain: the domain that receive this transaction
Order Name: the order name that contains this transaction
Created At: the date on which transaction was created
Total Amount: total amount paid by customers.
Payment Status: payment status of this order
Chargeback And Inquiry Status: if chargeback/inquiry is opened for this order, the corresponding status will be shown in this column
Chargeback And Inquiry Date: the date on which chargeback/inquiry was opened
Card Country: country that issued customer’s card
ShopBase Payments Application Fee: application fee charged on your transaction
Exchange Rate: this is used to convert the fixed fee to your store currency. ShopBase uses the exchange rate from Open Exchange Rates.
Fixed Fee Converted: fixed fee after converted to your store currency
International Card Fee (1%): this fee is charged if customer uses international cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American express, etc. to checkout
Currency Exchange Fee (1%): this fee is charged if currency of your store is different from that of your ShopBase Payments account
Chargeback And Inquiry Amount: the amount of chargeback/inquiry
Refund Amount: the amount refunded to customer


Total Amount, ShopBase Payments Application Fee, Fixed Fee Converted, International Card Fee (1%), Currency Exchange Fee (1%), Chargeback And Inquiry Amount, Refund Amount are in your store currency.

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Updated on: 15/08/2022

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