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Email and SMS templates for Abandoned Checkout Recovery

ShopBase will provide you with a ready-to-use template when you set up automatic emails and messages to remind your customers of their abandoned checkouts and unfinished orders. You can, however, tailor the content to your intended audience. You can find some sample content for your reference in this article. A thoughtful email or SMS message can drive the customers to take actions, resulting in increased sales.

In this article

A. Abandoned checkout email templates
B. Abandoned checkout SMS templates

A. Abandoned checkout email templates

You should put a catchy headline to increase the likelihood of customers opening emails and viewing content. The email content should have a strong call to action to motivate customers to click on the link that leads to your checkout page. On the checkout page, you should provide the customer with items related to the product in the cart that they have not completed payment yet, which helps to increase the value of the shopping cart.

For reminder email:

“Hi {{ if .customer.first_name }}{{ .customer.first_name }}{{ else }}there{{ end }}, we noticed that you add one or more items to your shopping cart, but didn’t complete your checkout. When you’re ready to buy, simply visit your shopping cart here to complete your order. Don’t leave them hanging :)”

“Hi {{ if .customer.first_name }}{{ .customer.first_name }}{{ else }}there{{ end }}, looks like you left something in your cart. Allow us to take you back directly to your cart with hassle free- and at no additional cost.

Great choice, btw!”

“Hi {{ if .customer.first_name }}{{ .customer.first_name }}{{ else }}there{{ end }}, thanks for your recent visit at our store, we noticed you left some items in your shopping basket. They could sell out in a couple of hours so don’t miss the chance.

We’ve saved your orders so you can return and complete your checkout at ease!”

“Hi {{ if .customer.first_name }}{{ .customer.first_name }}{{ else }}there{{ end }}, we heard that you dropped by but didn’t stay.

Your items missed you already. Let’s go back and reunite with your saved items!”

“Hi {{ if .customer.first_name }}{{ .customer.first_name }}{{ else }}there{{ end }}, you’re just few clicks away to finish your orders. Don’t leave your items waiting! Make them yours now while they’re still available.

Nice picks, btw :)”

For urgency emails:

“Hi {{ if .customer.first_name }}{{ .customer.first_name }}{{ else }}there{{ end }},

Still thinking about your items?

We’re saving them for you. Snap them up before they are gone in X hours!”

“Hi {{ if .customer.first_name }}{{ .customer.first_name }}{{ else }}there{{ end }},

We’re still holding your items in your cart for you, but don’t wait for too long. Let’s get them now or else it will be gone in X hours!”

“Hi {{ if .customer.first_name }}{{ .customer.first_name }}{{ else }}there{{ end }},

There are still X hours to complete your order. Just click the return to the cart button, and you’ll be on your way to get back to your saved items!”

“Hi {{ if .customer.first_name }}{{ .customer.first_name }}{{ else }}there{{ end }},

Still thinking it over?

Hurry! Get back before someone gets it from you. There are only XX left!”

“Hi {{ if .customer.first_name }}{{ .customer.first_name }}{{ else }}there{{ end }},

You forget your [items name] in your cart. We’re down to our last few pieces, but we’re saving them for you in the next hour.

Hurry and get them before it’s gone!”

For incentive email:

“Hi {{ if .customer.first_name }}{{ .customer.first_name }}{{ else }}there{{ end }},

Oh no, your items are still waiting. Luckily, we held on to each and every one of them in case you come back.

Shh…just for you: Enjoy 15% off for your order applying this [code]”

“Hi {{ if .customer.first_name }}{{ .customer.first_name }}{{ else }}there{{ end }},

We didn’t want you to miss out on your items – here’s a quick reminder of what you left behind. Don’t forget that we’re still offering free shipping for orders over $XX.

Get yours quickly now!”

“Hi {{ if .customer.first_name }}{{ .customer.first_name }}{{ else }}there{{ end }},

Your basket wasn’t empty when you left our store, so we saved the items and waited for you to come back.

Just the right time when we’re offering a XX% special discount, but will expire in the next few hours. Hurry up and get yours while it still lasts!”

“Hey {{ if .customer.first_name }}{{ .customer.first_name }}{{ else }}there{{ end }},

You’re so close to getting XX% discount for orders over $XX with a free shipping bonus. Just a few clicks away and it’s yours!”

“Hey {{ if .customer.first_name }}{{ .customer.first_name }}{{ else }}there{{ end }},

Still thinking it over?

Finish your order now with a XX% discount before it ends in XX days/hours.

We can’t hold on any longer. Get quick!”

For further reference, please visit our blog: Recover lost sales with advanced abandoned cart email ideas.

B. Abandoned checkout SMS templates

For stores with diverse products

{{ }}: Bored at home? Here’s a $10 gift voucher for your next purchase! Stay safe and enjoy! [Discount Code]. Text STOP to opt out.
{{ }}: Hi {{ .customer.first_name }}, as our loyal customer this April we offer you a 60% discount on our “Luxury & Me” collection. Stay home in style: [Discount Code]. Text STOP to opt out.

For stores selling family products

{{ }}: Is there such a thing as TOO MUCH care for the family? We got your back! 30% discount on all family items! Have Fun! [Discount Code]. Text STOP to opt out.

For toy stores

{{ }}: Work from home with bored kids in isolation? Say no more! 35% discount on ALL toys this April![Discount Code]. Text STOP to opt out.

For fitness supplements & sports equipment stores

{{ }}: Need an energy boost? Join our new weekly training sessions with a special 30% discount from us: [Discount Code]. Text STOP to opt out.
{{ }}: Hey {{ .customer.first_name }}, now is the time to set up that home gym you always wanted! Here is a 15$ gift voucher for all sporting gear this April! [Discount Code]. Text STOP to opt out.
{{ }}: Hey {{ .customer.first_name }}, now is a great time to start daily yoga practice at home! Enjoy 30% discount from us on all yoga equipment: [Discount Code] Reply STOP to opt out.

For emotional support

{{ }}: We’ve extended returns to 60 days and made deliveries contactless. Just so you can continue shopping with us safely and securely!{{ .abandoned_checkout.url }}. Text STOP to opt out.
{{ }}: Hey {{ .customer.first_name }}, we are in this together! Take a look at our most recent social initiative and join us in our cause: {{ .abandoned_checkout.url }}. Text STOP to opt out.
{{ }}: Psst… We are just stopping by to tell you: we are here for you! Enjoy a 15% discount and unlimited free shipping and return! [Discount Code]. Text STOP to opt out.
We at {{ }} are more focused than ever on helping and supporting local communities affected by COVID-19. Find out more on: {{ .abandoned_checkout.url }}. Join us, too! Text STOP to opt out.
{{ }}: You stay home, we`ll do the rest for you. 20% off your next order – safe and secure, no-contact deliveries to your home! [Discount Code]. Text STOP to opt out.

Stay at home

{{ }}: Hey {{ .customer.first_name }}, we have extended our Stay-at-home Sale until end of April. Enjoy 15% off selected items: [Discount Code]. Text STOP to opt out.
{{ }}: Spending some time at home? Why not reorganize your closet? Check out our top 7 ideas! 15% off on your next order: [Discount Code]. Text STOP to opt out.
{{ }}: Hey {{ .customer.first_name }}, order our new Pamper Package with 15% discount and indulge in some well deserved self-care while at home![Discount Code]. Text STOP to opt out.

For further reference, please visit our blog: $232 in exchange for $18000 sales: Here’s how ShopBase helps online merchants to optimize their abandoned cart recovery SMS.

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Send customers a link to their abandoned checkout
Set up Abandoned Checkout emails
Set up Abandoned Checkout SMS
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Updated on: 22/08/2022

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