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Bulk Upload for POD Campaign

The Bulk Upload feature allows you to efficiently duplicate campaigns across all product types, including 2D and All-Over Print (AOP) products. With this feature, your artwork will be automatically adjusted to maximize the safe zone within the print area, ensuring the best possible presentation. Ideal for personalized product sellers, it streamlines managing multiple campaigns with different designs.

Step-by-step Tutorial

From your store admin, go to All Campaigns section.

Navigate to the campaign you want to duplicate. Then, click Bulk Upload in Action.

You will be directed to the next page where you can upload your designs for duplication.

Duplicate Settings

Handle Prefix: Add a prefix to the campaign handle.
Handle Suffix: Add a suffix to the campaign handle.
Name Prefix: Add a prefix to the campaign name.
Name Suffix: Add a suffix to the campaign name.
Add a/an before campaign name: Check this box if you want to include "a" or "an" before the campaign name.

The campaign name will be based on the name of the artwork image.

Artwork Scale Settings

Skip DPI check and maximize artwork print area: Your artwork will be resized to maximize the print area. The system will attempt to resize the artwork to ensure a high-quality printing outcome. Occasionally, we may contact you for higher quality artwork if necessary.
Scale artwork to a minimum DPI value: The system will automatically scale your artwork to ensure it meets the minimum DPI requirements at center of the print area. The recommended DPI for good print quality is 150-300. The minimum acceptable DPI is 75.

Upload Artworks

Click on Upload artworks button to upload your designs. You can select multiple designs simultaneously.

Maximum uploads: You can upload up to 50 campaigns.
Supported files: Accepted file formats are .PNG and .JPG.
Multiple print sides: If your original campaign has two print sides, please bulk upload artwork for each side.

Once artwork for all sides has been uploaded, the campaign will start launching. You can return to the All Campaigns section to monitor the campaign status. For more information on understanding campaign statuses, please refer to this article.

Once the campaign is launched, it will be ready for you to run ads.

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Updated on: 10/06/2024

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