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Understanding Required Action Feature

The Required Action feature in the store admin dashboard is designed to centralize notifications about issues that require the seller's response or action within a specified timeframe (usually 1-3 days). These notifications can include a variety of matters, such as content violations, card-related issues, product availability concerns, and more, with the goal of preventing situations where orders are cancelled, products are deleted, stores are closed, and payouts are rejected.

Previously, these messages were sent to merchants via email. However, sending them through email resulted in them being commonly seen as spam, and merchants didn't check their inboxes, leading to a very low response rate. Therefore, we now alert merchants directly through this section in the admin dashboard. You can find these notification in the sidebar of all ShopBase, PlusBase, and PrintBase stores.

In this article, we will provide an in-depth look at the Required Action feature and offer an efficient approach to resolving these issues.

In this article

A. Unlocking the Required Action dashboard
B. Resolving Unresponded Required Actions
C. Dealing with Closed Required Actions

A. Unlocking the Required Action dashboard

The Required Action covers a variety of issues, including:

Content violations
Initial charge review
Card fraudulence
Order fraudulent activity
Payout reviews
ShopBase Payments/ShopBase Marketplace Payments requests and registrations
DMCA/phishing violations
Failures in processing subscription fee charges
Order fulfillment issues
Extended order processing time
Requests to provide artwork/design
Order disputes/claims
Turning off the PayPal method
And other issues.

The Required action section is accessible through the sidebar of your store admin dashboard. When a required action for the seller arises, it will be shown in red with the number of actions needed. Once all required action is resolved, the Required action in red with the number of actions needed will be hidden. You can see the list of required action by clicking the bell notification button.

The Required action section will be hidden once all required action is resolved
Revisit the Required action section by clicking the Bell notification button > Tab Required action
This section organized into the following tabs for your convenience:

All: Displays all required actions, ordered by the remaining time, from shortest to longest.
Recently Viewed: Shows recently viewed required actions, ordered by the time of your last access, from newest to oldest.
Unresolved: Lists actions that you have not yet responded, and the countdown time has not elapsed. They are ordered by remaining time, from shortest to longest.
Resolved: Contains actions that you have successfully responded, ordered by their creation time, from newest to oldest.
Closed: Includes actions that remain unresolved and have received no response within the allocated time; ordered by their creation time, from newest to oldest.

A required action will display the following information:

➀ Required action ID: a unique identification number assigned to each required action, making it easier to reference and track.
➁ Creation time: the time when a required action was initially generated.
➂ Title: the title provides a concise heading for the required action, giving you an idea of the issue it pertains to.
➃ Brief description: a short summary of the nature of the required action, providing additional context.
➄ Response status: this indicates whether a required action responded or not.
➅ Countdown time: the amount of time remaining to respond or complete the required action.

You can search for specific required actions using their ID, title, or description.

B. Resolving Unresponded Required Actions

When dealing with an unresponded required action, follow these steps:

Click on the required action to open a pop-up window and view the details of the issue.

Review the issue and the required action description.

If you have already responded via email, click on Responded via email to confirm.

Generally, you will receive notifications through both Required Action and Email. If you haven't responded through either, you only need to reply using one method. Please click on 'Responded via email' only when you are certain that you have already responded via email and do not wish to repeat the response in the Required Action.

If you have not responded via email, click on Respond and follow the instructions to provide the necessary documents and information as specified.

Confirm that you have provided all the required documents and attach file(s) if necessary.

If you encounter any difficulties or uncertainties, don't hesitate to request more details or clarification.

After submitting your response, our support team will follow up and continue to resolve the issue via email (NOT via Required action). It's important to check your email regularly to stay updated on the progress. You can always re-visit your response in the Responded tab.

C. Dealing with Closed Required Actions

List of Closed Required Actions
A Required Action with a 'Closed' Status
If a required action's status is marked as Closed, it signifies that you did not take any action during the countdown time. In such cases, our support team will proceed to take action as previously communicated in the content of required action. However, you can still Respond to surmount the issue if possible.

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Updated on: 30/11/2023

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