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Understand Smart Optimize feature

The Smart Optimize feature in the store admin dashboard is designed to keep your store up-to-date with our latest feature. Whenever the system updates any new features, your store will be automatically updated.

Previously, you will have to manually enable a new feature. For example, you cannot enable the new feature Express Checkout if you are currently turning off its required button Express Payments. Therefore, we now present the Smart Optimize feature, so that all new feature are automatically enabled without requiring you to manually take any action. This feature will help you optimize your store better.

Once Smart Optimize is enabled, you cannot edit its selected page that uses this feature. More information will be given in this article.

In this article

A. How to enable Smart Optimize
B. How to disable Smart Optimize

A. How to enable Smart Optimize

Smart Optimize is only available if you are publishing Template made by Website Builder. Please refer to this article for more information about Website Builder.

Go to Online Store > Design > Toggle Smart Optimize to enable this feature; it will be applied to all 3 pages: Product detail, Cart and Checkout page.

Click Preview > choose the page you wish to preview with the new features.

Toggle Product details, Cart, Checkout if you wish to disable this feature in these pages separately.

Once the Smart Optimize feature is enabled, when you click Customize the publishing Template made by Website Builder > Pages, you will see the sign of Smart Optimize next to the page.

If the page is on Smart Optimize mode, it cannot be edited.

B. How to disable Smart Optimize

To disable Smart Optimize feature, go to Online Store > Design > Toggle Smart Optimize.

The alert will pop up. If you wish to turn off Smart Optimize, your store will not be automatically updated. You can choose to Be able to customize from Smart Optimize version or Revert to your last version in Product details, Cart and Checkout page.

Be able to customize from Smart Optimize version: You will be able to manually customize the selected page from Smart Optimize version.

Revert to your last version: The selected page will be reverted as before Smart Optimize feature is enabled.

Click Turn off.

Updated on: 15/11/2023

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