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Understand ShopBase Helpdesk Connect App

ShopBase Helpdesk Connect is a powerful tool for e-commerce businesses on the ShopBase platform. It empowers support agents to efficiently find order and customer information, enabling quick resolution of inquiries and tickets. It seamlessly integrates with popular support platforms like Freshdesk, Zendesk, Tidio, Gorgias, and Crisp, ensuring a unified support workflow.

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A. Get started with ShopBase Helpdesk Connect App
B. How to Use ShopBase Helpdesk Connect?

A. Get started with ShopBase Helpdesk Connect App

Accessing the app

The ShopBase Helpdesk Connect App comes pre-installed in your ShopBase store, making it readily available. Navigate to the Apps section and select ShopBase Helpdesk Connect to open the app.

ShopBase Helpdesk Connect App when using Website Builder

ShopBase Helpdesk Connect App when using Theme Editor
Onboarding process

Upon entering the app, you'll find an onboarding flow that guides you through the setup process. It's essential to complete these steps for a smooth experience. As you complete each step, tick the Mark as Completed option.

B. How to Use ShopBase Helpdesk Connect

Installing the extension

Click on Get Chrome Extension.

Click on Add to Chrome to add the extension to your Chrome browser.

Open the extension in your browser and click on Sign in to log in to your ShopBase account, then select the specific store. You only need to select one store to grant permission to access orders and contacts from all stores under this account.

Utilizing the extension

When you open a ticket from Freshdesk, Zendesk, Tidio, Gorgias, or Crisp, the system instantly detects the associated email, allowing you to get orders and customer details from the store linked to that ticket.

Click on customer name to see contact details.

Click on the order name to see the order details.

You can also access the store to view additional data as needed.

Enter the customer's email in the search bar to find orders and view details.

If you enter an email address with an incorrect format, a red warning will appear.

If the entered email is NOT associated with a customer in the store that the extension has access to, the system will notify not found in authorized store.

You can easily open or close the popup and choose to position it on the left or right side of your browser window.

After a certain period, the extension may expire. In such a case, simply click on the extension, select Reset, and then sign in again.

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Updated on: 13/10/2023

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