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ShopBase merchants may not violate others' intellectual property rights, including copyright and trademark.
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What is a trademark?
What are trademark rights?
What is trademark policy on PrintBase?

A. What is a trademark?

A trademark is a word or symbol that indicates the “origin of goods,” meaning it allows consumers to identify the company that is ultimately responsible for a particular product. It is also intended to tell consumers about the quality and desirability of the product itself, so consumers are hopefully more likely to buy it.

For example, when a consumer sees the “BMW” mark on a car, there is a lot they will assume about the engineering, comfort and enjoyment they will have driving the car. That connection between the trademark (“BMW”) and the perceived qualities of the product (luxury, power, engineering excellence) has a lot of value in the market.

Therefore, companies invest a great deal of time and money in developing that association between their mark and the products, because it can have a significant impact on sales. Reputation and brand mean a lot. The value itself is something companies work hard to protect.

B. What are trademark rights?

The concept behind trademark rights is that the owner of the mark has the legal right to stop people from trading off of the value of the company’s brand and reputation. They can do so by stopping the use of any confusingly similar trademark.

For instance, if an unknown car company wants to use the mark “VMW” to identify their new car, BMW will be able to stop them from doing so based on the similarity of the marks themselves and the goods they are used to identify. Often trademark owners will also secure rights in other related goods that they want to sell – for example, t-shirts.

C. What is trademark policy on PrintBase?

ShopBase merchants are not allowed to use third party trademarks unless they have permission.

In other words, for designs with copyrighted images, we can only process your orders if you can provide us the license proving your right to print these images.

By using ShopBase with PrintBase package and opting into our Terms of Service, you are stating that you are authorized to manufacture products with that design.

If we recognize any campaign that violates our trademark policy, we would remove that campaign and cancel orders from the violated campaign.

You can learn more about our trademark policy here and take a look at the list of PrintBase's Blacklist Trademarks here.

If you have recently obtained the right to print copyrighted images, feel free to send us the documentation to
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