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Understand handles

In this article, we will give you an overview of Handles and how they are generated.

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A. Understand handles on ShopBase
B. How handles are generated

A. Understand handles on ShopBase

A handle is the item's unique title in lowercase letters, dashes, and numbers in the URL for each page on the store. Most items in ShopBase (such as products, collections, blogs, articles, menus) have handles. Products handles, for example, are unique names for each product. The handle for a "Women's Snowboard" product should be womens-snowboard, and the product's URL would be

B. How handles are generated

The handle washing-machine will be automatically generated when a product with the title "Washing machine" is created. If there is already a product with the handle washing-machine, the new product handles will be added a number suffix, starting from 1. It means that, the second product with the same washing-machine handle will have its handle changed to washing-machine-1

The handle also determines the URL of other items on your store. For example, The Frequently Asked Questions page has the frequently-asked-questions, and its link would be

You should set up static URLs in the Search engine listing preview section to preserve the location and avoid broken links. This will ensure that the handle won't be automatically updated after you have modified the page title.

You can also choose to redirect from the original URL to new one by checking the Create a URL redirect box. This option is only available if the original handle is not being used for another product. For example, your product has the original handle of washing-machine-1, this option only works when only that product has the washing-machine-1 handle.

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Updated on: 13/09/2022

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