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Understand daily pack high volume pricing

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, where flexibility and scalability are paramount, the concept of pricing models has taken on new dimensions. Unlocking the Daily Pack High Volume Pricing feature opens the door to a world of enhanced possibilities and tailored solutions. This creative pricing approach is designed to empower merchants to maximize sales potential and business growth.

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A. What is the daily pack high volume pricing?
B. Benefits of the daily pack high volume pricing
C. How to use daily pack high volume pricing

A. What is the daily pack high volume pricing?

The daily pack high volume pricing is an innovative offering that empowers merchants to leverage sales volume for enhanced cost benefits and improved profitability. With this feature, you can unlock a tiered pricing structure based on the quantity of items you sell each day. As sales volumes increase, the program offers progressively lower base costs, resulting in more attractive profit margins.

For example, if you sell at a volume of 100 packs/day, the base cost is $5/item. However, as your sales volume surges and reaches 5000 packs/day, the base cost becomes only $3/item.

B. Benefits of the daily pack high volume pricing

Improved profit estimation: this pricing model allows for a clearer understanding of how pricing changes impact overall revenue, enabling better financial forecasting.
Time saving through negotiation elimination: a notable advantage of this feature is the removal of price negotiations. With the predefined pricing structures, businesses can operate without the delays.
Increased profit margins: by optimizing pricing strategies, you can maximize your profit margins and financial growth potential.

C. How to use daily pack high volume pricing

Catalog products

In store admin, go to Catalog, click on a product to see its detail page. Here you can see the daily pack quantity pricing information.

AliExpress products

Once AliExpress products have been successfully imported into your store and the quotations have been updated, the tiered pricing structure will be displayed.

Daily pack high volume pricing is only applicable to certain items.

Profit calculation

Order profit will be recalculated precisely 30 hours after the order's creation, following the schedule of 7 PM daily (UTC+07:00), except for Sundays. For all orders placed on Sundays, the profit calculation will be deferred and conducted on Monday.
If an order includes items that are subject to the daily pack high volume pricing program, prior to the profit recalculation process, the order detail page will exhibit Pack quantity 1. Following the profit recalculation, the order detail page will display Pack quantity xx. This value corresponds to the specific tiered price structure that has been applied to the items.

Analytics: analytics data will be updated only after 30 hours from the time the order is generated, and the amount from orders generated on a specific day will be updated on that same day. The additional profit will appear in Total profit from Daily pack quantity section.

For example: if an order is created on the 19th of June, the calculation will be done on the 21st of June. Therefore, the amount should be added to the analytics on the 19th of June to avoid confusion.

Store balance: once the analytics data has been updated with the additional profit, a new invoice is automatically generated in the store Balance. This invoice is specifically labeled as Cashback from Pack Quantity Program for the order #plb….

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Updated on: 21/02/2024

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