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Welcome to ShopBase Payments 2.0.

This ShopBase Payments Services Policy (“Policy”) is an official policy applied for ShopBase Payments 2.0 users. In this document, ShopBase Payments 2.0 are referred to as as “ShopBase Payments 2.0”, "we", “us”, or “our” and the entity or person are referred to as “you”, “user”, or “your”.

If you do not understand any of the aspects of this Policy, please contact us before using the Services.

In this article

A. Supported & Restricted Businesses
B. ShopBase Payments 2.0 Pricing
C. Registration for ShopBase Payments 2.0
D. Holds & Payouts
E. Supported countries
F. Termination

A. Supported & Restricted Businesses

1. Supported Businesses

Merchants of all business types, including White labels, Print-on-demand and Dropshipping can register for ShopBase Payments 2.0.

2. Restricted Businesses

The following categories of businesses and business practices are prohibited from using the Payments Services (“Prohibited Businesses”). Prohibited Business categories may be imposed by law or through the Payment Network Rules, by ShopBase or the requirements of the Processor’s Financial Services Providers. The types of businesses listed below are representative but not exhaustive. If you are uncertain as to whether your business is a Prohibited Business or have questions about how these requirements apply to you, please contact us. We may add to or update the Prohibited Business list at any time.

2.1. Financial and professional services

Investment and credit services

Securities brokers; mortgage consulting or debt reduction services; credit counseling or repair; investment services; real estate opportunities; lending instruments

Money and legal services

Financial institutions, money transmitters and money services businesses, check cashing, wire transfers, money orders; currency exchanges or dealers; bill-pay services; crowdfunding; insurance; bail bonds; collections agencies; law firms collecting funds for any purpose other than to pay fees owed to the firm for services provided by the firm (e.g., firms cannot use ShopBase to hold client funds, collection or settlement amounts, disputed funds, etc.)

Virtual currency or stored value

Virtual currency that can be monetized, resold, or converted to physical or digital products and services or otherwise exit the virtual world (e.g., Bitcoin); cryptocurrency mining equipment; initial coin offerings; digital wallets, sale of stored value or credits maintained, accepted and issued by anyone other than the seller

2.2. IP Infringement, regulated or illegal products and services

Adult content and services

Pornography and other obscene materials (including literature, imagery and other media) depicting nudity or explicitly sexual acts; sites offering any sexually-related services such as prostitution, escorts, pay-per view, adult live chat features; sexually oriented items (e.g., adult toys); adult video stores and sexually oriented massage parlors; gentleman’s clubs, topless bars, and strip clubs; sexually oriented dating services

Counterfeit or unauthorized goods

Counterfeit goods; unauthorized sale or resale of brand name or designer products or services; sale of goods or services that are illegally imported or exported


Lotteries; bidding fee auctions; sports forecasting or odds making for a monetary or material prize; fantasy sports leagues with cash prizes; internet gaming; contests; sweepstakes; games of chance including legal or illegal forms of gambling, internet gambling, sweepstakes and contests with a buy-in or cash prize; charity sweepstakes and raffles for the explicit purpose of fundraising

Intellectual property or proprietary rights infringement

Sales, distribution, or access to counterfeit music, movies, software, or other licensed materials without the appropriate authorization from the rights holder; any product or service that directly infringes or facilitates infringement upon the trademark, patent, copyright, trade secrets, or proprietary or privacy rights of any third party; use of ShopBase intellectual property without express consent from ShopBase; use of the ShopBase name or logo, including use of ShopBase trade or service marks inconsistent with the ShopBase Trademark Usage Guidelines, or in a manner that otherwise harms ShopBase or the ShopBase brand; any action that implies an untrue endorsement by or affiliation with ShopBase

Regulated or illegal products or services

Cannabis dispensaries and related businesses; sale of tobacco, e-cigarettes, and e-liquid; online pharmacies; prescription-only products including card-not-present pharmaceuticals; peptides and research chemicals; fake references or ID-providing services; age restricted goods or services; weapons and munitions; gunpowder and other explosives; fireworks and related goods; toxic, flammable, and radioactive materials; products and services with varying legal status on a state-by-state basis; goods or services, the sale of which is illegal under applicable law in the jurisdictions to which your business is targeted or directed


Use of the Payments Services or use of ShopBase Payments 2.0 in or for the benefit of a country, organization, entity, or person embargoed or blocked by any government, including any person/entity on government sanctions lists

2.3. Products or services that are otherwise prohibited by law or our financial partners


Engaging in any form of licensed or unlicensed aggregation of funds owed to third parties, factoring, or other activities intended to obfuscate the origin of funds; payment facilitation

Drug paraphernalia

Any equipment designed for making or using drugs, such as bongs, vaporizers, and hookahs

High risk businesses

Bankruptcy lawyers; remote technical support; psychic services; essay mills; chain letters; door-to-door sales; medical benefit packages; telemedicine and telehealth services; travel reservation services and clubs; airlines; cruises; timeshares; circumvention, jamming and interference devices; prepaid phone cards, phone services; telemarketing, offering substantial rebates or special incentives as an inducement to purchase products or services; telecommunications manipulation equipment; forwarding brokers; negative response marketing; subscriptions over one year; extended warranties; government grants; embassy, foreign consulate, or other foreign governments; charities without proper registration; credit card and identity theft protection; the use of credit to pay for lending services; any businesses that we believe poses elevated financial risk, legal liability, or violates card network or bank policies; any business or organization that a. engages in, encourages, promotes or celebrates unlawful violence or physical harm to persons or property, or b. engages in, encourages, promotes or celebrates unlawful violence toward any group based on race, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, or any other immutable characteristic

Multi-level marketing

Pyramid schemes network marketing and referral marketing programs

Pseudo pharmaceuticals

Nutraceuticals, pseudo-pharmaceuticals and other products that make health claims that have not been approved or verified by the applicable local and/or national regulatory body

Social media activity

Sale of Twitter followers, Facebook likes, YouTube views, Instagram followers, and other forms of social media activity

Substances designed to mimic illegal drugs

Sale of a legal substance that provides the same effect as an illegal drug (e.g., salvia, kratom)

Use of ShopBase Payments 2.0 in a manner inconsistent with its intended use or as expressly prohibited in the Processor Terms

Use of ShopBase Payments 2.0 principally as a virtual terminal (e.g., submitting card transactions by manually inputting card information); processing where there is no bona fide good or service sold, or donation accepted; card testing; evasion of card network chargeback monitoring programs; cross-border acquiring; sharing cardholder information with another merchant for payment cross-sell product or service

Video game or virtual world credits

Sale of in-game currency unless the merchant is the operator of the virtual world

2.4. Unfair, predatory, or deceptive practices

Get rich quick schemes

Investment opportunities or other services that promise high rewards

Mug shot publication or pay-to-remove sites

Platforms that facilitate the publication and removal of content (such as mug shots), where the primary purpose of posting such content is to cause or raise concerns of reputational harm

No-value-added services

Sale or resale of a service without added benefit to the buyer; resale of government offerings without authorization or added value; sites that we determine in our sole discretion to be unfair, deceptive, or predatory towards consumers

B. ShopBase Payments 2.0 Pricing

The application fee (also known as payment processing rate) applied for all ShopBase Payments 2.0 users is 3.5% + 0.3$

If your customers pay for orders by international cards (card's issuing country is different from account's country), an additional 1% fee will apply per transaction.

C. Registration for ShopBase Payments 2.0

To register for ShopBase Payments 2.0, go to Settings > Payment Providers > Register for ShopBase Payments account. Please refer to this document on how to register for ShopBase Payments 2.0 for detailed information.

Your registration form will be reviewed within 7 calendar days. During the review period, ShopBase Payments team will contact you to request additional documents if necessary. If we do not hear from you, your registration will be rejected, and you will need to register for a new account.

D. Holds & Payouts


ShopBase Payments is holding a reserve of your funds over 90 days for all of your business transactions. The reserve is money from incoming payments that we set aside in your ShopBase Payments account to cover losses due to chargebacks, claims or payment reversals.

After you have successfully created a ShopBase Payments account, the hold rate of your account will be classified into one of the following levels:

If the dispute rate is greater than 3.5%, all funds will be held for 90 days.

How to reduce your hold rates

In order to reduce hold rates, you can do the following works:

Contact ShopBase Payments team for store verification.
Export invoices of transactions between you and your suppliers that show. Kindly note that business/owner name on invoices should be the same on your ID document. In case your suppliers have no business name, company seal and phone number can be used as alternatives.
Carrying out business with ShopBase and we will re-calculate your dispute rate every 90 days.

For any further support on verifying your stores and accounts, kindly contact ShopBase Payments team.


The amount that is collected from ShopBase Payments 2.0 will be moved to Pending to review section in your ShopBase Balance. It will be moved to Available to payout after 3 calendar days. Please refer to this article.

E. Supported countries

ShopBase Payments 2.0 currently supports 41 countries all over the world. You can see a full list of supported countries by ShopBase Payments 2.0 in this article.

F. Termination

We may suspend your ShopBase Payments Account and your ability to access funds in your ShopBase Payments Account, or terminate this Agreement, if:
(i) your dispute rate is high
(ii) we determine in our sole discretion that you are ineligible for the Services because of significant fraud or credit risk, or any other risks associated with your ShopBase Payments Account;
(iii) you use the Services in a prohibited manner or otherwise do not comply with any of the provisions of this Policy;
(iv) any Law, Payment Method Provider or Payment Method Acquirer requires us to do so; or
(v) we are otherwise entitled to do so under this Policy.

What will happen if my account is terminated?

Kindly refer to the image below to see what will happen if your account is suspended.

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