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ShopBase Ideas walkthrough

ShopBase Ideas is a website where all merchants can submit their requests, which ShopBase's product team will review on a regular basis in order to bring about new features that are adaptable and beneficial for online merchants in the future. In this article, we will introduce you to ShopBase Ideas.

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A. What is ShopBase Ideas?
B. How is ShopBase Ideas important?
C. Understand ShopBase ideas roadmaps
D. How to contribute my ideas?

A. What is ShopBase Ideas?

ShopBase Ideas is where ShopBase merchants can submit feature requests for their websites. Merchants can also check, vote up, or comment on existing requests via feedback boards with voting functionality.

B. How is ShopBase Ideas important?

At ShopBase, we are constantly striving to improve product quality and provide our merchants with the most up-to-date and important features. As a result, any feedback is greatly appreciated. By sending us your ideas, our team will be able to review them and focus on the features that are most important to your store.

The team will review requests each month to schedule and set priority to each feature. Changes will be listed and updated in the ShopBase Ideas' Changelog.

C. Understand ShopBase Ideas roadmaps

ShopBase Ideas roadmaps are divided into 5 boards:

ShopBase Feature Requests: General feature requests for ShopBase admin and storefront.
PrintBase, PrintHub Products & Feature Requests: Specialized for merchants selling Print-on-Demand products via PrintHub app or PrintBase package.
ShopBase Feature request - Chinese: General feature requests for ShopBase admin and storefront in Chinese.
New POD Products request: Requests for new Print-on-Demand products for PrintBase and PrintHub.
PlusBase Feature Requests: General feature requests for PlusBase admin and storefront.

Each board will list all requests created by the merchants. Here you can:

Create post: Send a new request with short title and details of your requests
Upvote requests: By clicking the Thumb-up icon on the left of existing requests.
View, Comment & Subscribe requests: By clicking the request's title.

ShopBase Ideas Roadmaps

D. How to contribute my ideas

Create an account or Log in. You can login with your Twitter and Google accounts, or creating a new account with your email address.

Go to the suitable boards for your requests.

On the Create Post section, fill in the necessary information:

Title: Short title that briefly describe the feature.
Details: All the additional details about your ideas should be written here, including but not limited to, screenshots, reference, descriptions, etc.

Click Submit when you finish.

When an idea is successfully submitted, the ShopBase team will review your request. Updates about your ideas and feature requests will be sent via email and account notifications.

ShopBase Ideas FAQs

Updated on: 24/08/2022

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