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This article will guide you how to open the store analysis Analytics dashboard on the ShopBase admin page. In this way, you can get an overview of the store's activities and adjust the business plan accordingly.

Step by step Tutorial

From ShopBase admin site, choose Analytics in Analytics section.

In Overview dashboard page, you can get access to analytics related to your store performance.

If your account has multiple stores, you can choose to see performance reports for all stores or individual stores by clicking Current store and ticking the checkboxes to select the stores you want to view analysis indicators in the drop-down menu.

If you want your stores' statistics are updated automatically, turn on Auto-fresh option for automatic update every 1 minute.

By default, the store analytics page shows today's data. If you want to see data of a different time period, click Today then click the date as shown below and choose a date range you want, such as last 7 days or you can set the Custom time by clicking on the date on the calendar.

Click on the date to change the displayed time period
Then a dialog box appears and you can choose a time period to view the report in that dialog. Click Apply to complete selecting the time period to view the store's data analysis.

If you want to see comparisons with the previous period, check Compare to dates and choose the time period for comparison in the drop-down menu. Click Apply to complete.

Check the analysis as below:

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