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When sellers switch from Shopify to another ecommerce platform like ShopBase, they often wonder if they can migrate all data from their Shopify stores to the existing ones.

With that in mind, ShopBase would like to offer them the free Shopify migration tool to handle that issue in no time.

You can starte using Migrate To ShopBase app to migrate your data from Shopify. In order for the app can access your Shopify's data, you need to create a private app using the below instruction.

To avoid abusing import product by URLs feature in the Migrate To ShopBase app we have the following quota to ensure system stability & stores can move to ShopBase easier & faster

Create a Shopify private app for migration

Go to your Shopify Admin (
Navigate to Apps > Private apps section at bottom of Apps page or you can navigate to (
Click Create a new private app
Follow the steps to create the app:
Private app name: you can use "data migration"
Emergency developer email: use your email
Admin API: make sure you turn on "Read access" for store content, customers, orders, products so we can access those data
Then click Save to create the app.
Once done, you will see API Key & Password, please use the copy button and provide that info to Migration To ShopBase app to finish the migration process.

Step 4: Admin API

Step 6: API Key & Password
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