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How to track member's learning progress

Monitoring the learning progress of your members is essential to ensure they are engaging with your online course effectively. ShopBase Creator provides you with an easy way to track your members' progress within the platform. Follow this guide to track your members' learning progress for your online course.

From your ShopBase Creator admin, go to Products and select your online course product.

Click on the Members tab in the product details page. Here you will see a list of all customers who have access to the course, along with their learning progress.

By following these steps, you can effectively track the learning progress of your members in your online course. This information can help you understand the engagement level of your members and identify any potential areas for improvement or additional support.

Noted that the progress is calculated based on the pricing option's accessibility. If you change the accessibility of a pricing option, it may affect the customer's progress. Make sure to inform your members of any changes you make to the accessibility of pricing options.

Updated on: 29/07/2023

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