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Exclude referrer domains from Google Analytics tracking

This article will help you understand referrer domains and how to exclude them from Google Analytics tracking.

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A. Understand Referral Traffic and Referrer Domain
B. Remove Referrer Domain

A. Understand Referral Traffic and Referrer Domain

Google Analytics offer Referral Traffic report, that shows which websites bring traffic to your store. When the visitors click on the link to your online store from a blog, for example, the blog is regarded as a source of traffic to your store.

There might be some sources you don't want to appear in the Referral Traffic report. For example, after a customer goes to checkout page, visit PayPal, then returns to your store to continue shopping, might be listed as a source. This domain is called Referrer Domain.

B. Remove Referrer Domain

To remove unwanted domains in your Referral Traffic report, please follow Google's instructions to add those domains to your Referral exclusion list.

To get the most out of your referral data, consider adding the following domains to your referral exclusion list:

The primary domain of your online store (such as
Any external payment providers that you are using (such as

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Updated on: 22/08/2022

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