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Embroidery Product Design Requirements and Notes

In response to market trends, ShopBase now offers embroidered products to meet evolving consumer needs. Embroidery is an art form renowned for adding elegance to various items. However, achieving optimal results requires adherence to specific design guidelines. In this guide, we'll explore fundamental principles for creating embroidery designs, ensuring the finished product is crafted to perfection. Don't forget to check out the embroidered products in our catalog!

Design Specifications

Simple designs

Utilize text with no thin lines.

Use a monoline design.

Incorporate single shapes.

Avoid Complicated Designs

Designs should not be overly complicated for embroidery.

Background detail

Ensure that background details are not too small.
Ensure each detail has a thickness of at least 24 pixels (2mm) for optimal embroidery quality

Gap avoidance

Prevent wrinkles by avoiding small blank spaces or gaps in the design.
Fill any small gaps with a background color.

Color and effects

Do NOT use gradient or shadow effects.
Use solid colors with clearly defined outlines.

Photo exclusion

Exclude photographs from the design.

Following these guidelines will result in a high-quality embroidered product with clear, crisp designs and minimal risk of imperfections.

Overview of Campaign
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Updated on: 19/03/2024

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