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Convert Currency in Theme Editor

The Currency Converter feature will change the price displayed to customers based on their selection. It is designed to give your customers an idea of how much it'll cost them in their currency. This feature supports the ability to automatically detect a user's location and change the currency based on that location. Rates used are refreshed once a day and pulled from Open Exchange Rates. You can find a list of all of the currencies that are supported here.

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A. How Convert Currency works
B. Currency Converter Settings

A. How Convert Currency works

Showing a Converting button on store

On desktop, the currency converter will be displayed on the bottom right of your footer:

On mobile, it will be displayed within the Main Menu (accessible by clicking the hamburger menu) at the bottom of your menu links:

The store currency always appears as the first option on the list even you delete it from the supported currencies list.

Automatically converting prices into customers' currencies

Once the checkout process begins, orders will still be processed in your store's currency

B. Currency Converter Settings

From your ShopBase admin site, go to Online Store > Themes and select Customize.

In Settings tab, select Currency.

Tick the Enable currency conversion option:

Choose to format the price, for example: $10.00 USD or $10.00.

In Supported currency, select All supported currencies, or Some currencies and enter the currencies you want in the text box.

Click Save.

Currency formatting
Overview of Themes

Updated on: 01/12/2023

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