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Apply promotion code to your plan

When you activate your plan after the free trial, change your plan, or when your next billing cycle arrives, you can use a promo code to get a discounted subscription fee.

Step by Step Tutorial

Login to your account on ShopBase. Select the shop you want to add code to.

Visit Settings > Account. On this page, go to Account Overview section.

In the Save your coupon for the next charge section, write your coupon code in the box and choose Apply. The code will be saved if it is currently active and applicable for the current plan.

The code will be automatically applied when you activate your plan after free trial, change your plan or when your next billing cycle arrives.

You cannot save coupon for the next charge in ShopBase free-trial stores.
A successfully saved coupon code may not work at the time of billing if it is inactive or does not apply to the newly selected plan (in case you change to a new plan).

You can also directly apply your promotion code when changing plans or activating your plan after the free trial.

In the Account overview section, click Upgrade plan and select a new plan to continue.

Fill in your payment information. Here, you can directly apply your promotion code at the Review your subscription box on the right and write your code in the Discount box.

When the code is added successfully, the Price and charge information will be updated.

Add your promote code in here...
...and you will see the result like this.
If your free trial hasn't finished, click Select a plan at the bottom of your ShopBase admin. Then you can choose to Upgrade plan (or Activate plan for PrintBase and PlusBase) by following the instructions above.

For plans that include both a subscription fee and a transaction fee, the discount is applied only to the subscription fee.

Updated on: 15/11/2022

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