You can design a POD product with Burgerprint then import it into ShopBase to sell on the store. Products (or campaigns) can be sold on both ShopBase and Burgerprints platforms.

On this page:

A. Design a product

B. Connect Burgerprint to ShopBase store

C. Import your campaigns into ShopBase

A. Design a product

Products should be designed and created within Burgerprints.

Sign in/Sign up a Burgerprint account from this link or go to Burgerprints >> click Sell

Go to Campaigns >> New Campaigns

Launch campaigns on Burgerprints

Finish all steps: Design, Pricing, and Launching. After that, the campaign will be available on Burgerprints.

B. Connect Burgerprints to ShopBase store

Go to Dropship section on Burgerprints >> choose Connect ShopBase

Fill your ShopBase domain and finish installation.

Check if your store appeared in Dropship section.

C. Import your campaigns into ShopBase

Note: All information such as: variants, prices, descriptions, tags.. will be imported along with your products,

Go to Dropship section >> Choose Store >> Upload product

Choose the campaign and click Upload

Wait for a few seconds and the products will appear on your ShopBase Products list

That's all and you are good to go.
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