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Types of discount

On ShopBase, you can create and manage 4 types of discounts on your online store, including:

Fixed amount

For example: Product A has a price of $50, the customer applies a discount code of $10 off this product, so the amount the customer has to pay for this product is $50 - $10 = $40.

Percentage discount

For example: You can generate a discount code of a 30% discount on product A with a value of $50. If your customer orders this product and applies this discount code, the amount the customer will pay for this product is $50 * 70% = $35.

Buy-X-get-Y discount

For example: If a customer buys product A, they may purchase another product B at a discounted price (for example, from $50 to $20) if their cart is eligible for the promotion.

Free shipping discount

For example: To order product A, the customer must pay $50 + $5 shipping charges, which equals to a total of $55. If a customer has this discount code, they pay only $50 in total.

There are two types of promotions applied on ShopBase stores: manual discounts require customers to enter the discount code manually to enjoy the promotion; or automatic discounts that the system automatically applies to the customer's shopping cart when the cart meets the criteria.

Overview of Discount
Create a manual discount
Create an automatic discount
Manage existing discounts

Updated on: 13/09/2022

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