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ShopBase Holiday Challenge 2021 Policy

ShopBase Launches Holiday Sales Challenge For New Dropshipping Businesses

ShopBase is giving new online business dropshippers the chance to build the profitable business of their dreams and win cold hard cash.

This year, we are launching The Holiday Sales Challenge For New Dropshipping Businesses, which offers a $100 grand prize to the online businesses launched on the ShopBase platform that complete sales challenges in a three-month period. The contest begins from October 1, but contestants may sign up now at this link.

A. Eligibility

Open to merchants who at the time of contest:

Are registered merchants of ShopBase with active store(s) in good standing - Newly created stores or existing active stores.
Have no orders in the last 30 days.
Your business, store, products on ShopBase must comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations.

B. Contest Timing

The contest begins at 00:00:00 AM UTC on October 01, 2021, and ends at 11:59:59 PM UTC on December 15, 2021.

C. Awards


Condition: Drive from $500 in revenue in the first 14 days during the free trial period (for newly created stores) or the first 14 days since the day registered to the program (for existing stores)
Award: Cashback transaction fee for the first $1500 revenue


Condition: Drive from $10,000 in revenue during the contest period (From October 01, 2021, to December 15, 2021)
Award: Cashback transaction fee for the first $5000 revenue

D. Rules

By entering the contest, the merchant warrants that she/he has read and agrees to abide by ShopBase's DMCA policy, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, meets the eligibility requirements, and agrees to be bound by the decisions of the ShopBase which will be final and binding in all respects.

Revenue during trial periods or extended trial periods are included.
Revenue of multiple stores under one account is not to be accumulated.‍ Hence, one account can have multiple stores winning the challenge.
Revenue of unfulfilled/canceled/refunded orders is not valid to be counted.
Award can be converted to cash or subscription fee.
Merchants may be required to provide personal IDs and additional documents to confirm eligibility. Failure to return any required document by the date requested by ShopBase will deem the applicable potential award recipient as ineligible.

E. Additional Terms

To the maximum extent permitted by law, ShopBase reserves the right to change the rules of the contest at any time, or to modify, terminate the rules in the event of viruses, scams, bugs, unauthorized human intervention, manipulation, or other causes beyond our control corrupt or impair the administration, security, fairness of the contest.
ShopBase reserves the right to suspend, disqualify any individual found to be tampering with identification or eligibility proof documentation to join the contest; to violate the rules and conditions of the contest, use unauthorized human intervention in the operation of any other websites, or the outcome of the contest; or to be acting in an unsportsmanlike or disruptive manner or with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten, or harass any other person.

Updated on: 26/10/2021

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