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ShopBase Creator video guidelines

In this article, we will provide you with complete guidelines on how to create video content with optimized performance for your online course on ShopBase Creator.

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A. Compress video files
B. Recommended file size
C. Recommended file format
D. Recommended video specs

A. Compress video files

Before uploading any video to your product, we recommend that you try to compress your video files first, as this will reduce the chance of your videos taking too much unnecessary bandwidth and causing the learning experience of your course members to be lagging.
HandBrake is a free and effective video compression tool that is simple to use and compatible with all three operating systems: Windows, Mac, and Linux. Please refer to this article for detailed instructions on how to compress your video file using HandBrake.

Currently ShopBase Creator has no limit on the size of video files you can upload to our platform. We do, however, recommend that each video uploaded be no larger than 2GB in size.
Smaller file sizes speed up video uploading and, more importantly, make video streaming more pleasant for members with slow internet connections.

Although ShopBase Creator can encode and display many common file formats (see the list below), we recommend uploading files in MP4 format for the most consistent performance. Here is a list of video formats we support:

Video file formats:


Image file formats:


For best performance, we recommend you aim to have your videos fall within these guidelines:

H.264 codec (required).
Resolution: Between 640px and 3840px (4K) wide. 1080p (or 1920px x 1080px) is commonly used for videos on the web.
Bitrate: 5,000–8,000 kbps.
Framerate: Constant, 15–60 frames per second.
Aspect ratio: 16:9 (i.e., 1080px x 1920px). More rectangular (4:3) or cinematic (2.39:1) ratios will result in black borders.
Square pixel aspect ratio: 1:1.
Progressive frames (i.e. 720p) instead of interlacing (i.e. 720i).

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Updated on: 04/11/2022

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