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A. App's main features
B. How to use Product Group?
C. How to use Preview Badge?
D. How to add photos to reviews?

A. App's main features

Customize Review Widget

Customize or eliminate many elements of your review widget and make it look trust-worthy or eye-catching. Just click Customize Widget button to start your work.

On the left of the review widget page, you may also select to adjust Installation, Widget Themes, Widget Design, Review Curation, and Widget Addons.

Import Existing Reviews

Import your reviews from other stores, existing reviews on E-commerce platforms like AliExpress by CSV, XLS, or XLSX file.

In case you want to import directly to, you can collect and prepare them as a file with the provided format. Check out the Import/Export Q&A section in case you need further support.

Request reviews from customers

Your customers might need a little push to send you a review. In this section, you may set up the Timing and Format, Conditions, Email Templates, Admin Notifications, SMS Request.

B. How to use Product Group?

Product groups allow sharing reviews among several products. All products of one product group will show all combined reviews of the products in that group.

You can activate this feature in case you want to show shared reviews for different variants of one product, similar products or link reviews of out-of-stock products to available ones.

To set this up, please follow these simple steps:
From app dashboard, go to Products > Groups.

Create a new product group: Type your New Product Group Title in the text field and click Add New Group.

Move to tab Products and Select a Group for your products.


One product can only be part of one product group.
Out-of-store products can still be part of a product group and therefore share reviews with other products.
Manually selecting product group for each product is not suitable for stores with too many products. In that case, contact us so we can help.
In Online Store > Themes > Customize > Product page > Product page > Product review type, you will need to check Show reviews of all products, because if you choose to only show reviews of the current product, if there's no review for this product, the shared reviews of the product group will not show too.

C. How to use Preview Badge?

The Preview Badge shows the aggregated rating and number of your product reviews as a star rating on your product and/or collection page, which helps your visitors to quickly assess your products and add relevant social proof to improve your shop's conversion rate.

This is how the Preview Badge shows on your product page and collection page.

You can manage settings of this feature by going to's app dashboard > Settings > Other widgets.

Customize the Preview Badge by following this guideline.
Choose to hide or show the badge if the product has no reviews.
Choose to hide or show badge texts.
Select the badge star color.
Customize badge texts.

D. How to add photos to reviews?

You will need to enable Review Pictures. After logging into app admin, click here to jump to the Review Pictures section > turn on the toggle.

Or go to: Settings > Review Widget > Widget Design > Main Widget > Edit > Review Media.

In the Reviews Dashboard, you can hide an individual review picture (but still publish the review). We will not display the hidden pictures if the review is shared on Facebook.

Reviewers can leave a maximum of 5 pictures for every review.
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