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Set up payment with Print Hub

In order to implement order processing with PrintHub partners, you need to enable your payment method so it can automatically pay and process orders for your store. This section instructs you on how to set up payments with PrintHub to make your store's order processing more efficient and time-saving.

In this section

A. View Print Hub payment history
B. Activate automatic payment on Print Hub
C. Manually pay Print Hub orders

A. Manage your payment history

From ShopBase admin, go to Apps > Print Hub > Payments.

In Payment history, you can track and identify payments which is unsuccessful.

In which:

Outstanding Balance: the total amount of unsuccessful and pending payments.
Next Payment: the total amount of unpaid orders after the ordering process.

In the All payments history table:

DETAILS: Order quantity included in this payment.
AMOUNT: the amount of money you have to pay for these orders.
CREATED: date of payment
STATUS: payment status, whether Failed or Successful.

B. Activate automatic payment on PrintHub

All PrintHub orders will be billed to ShopBase Balance accounts instead of credit cards. The app only calculates the order cost, including production cost, shipping cost and tax - if need be, when you have a new order and this amount will be deducted from your Total Current Available.

Please refer to this article to know about ShopBase Balance and how to top up your ShopBase Balance

Please refer to this article to know more about Print Hub product costs.

In case your card is not sufficient of this amount, our system will automatically top-up 3 times and each time lasts 3 days for you to update your card. Newer orders will be created as a next payment in Payment history and pending payment until past unsuccessful orders are charged.

From admin site, go to Apps > PrintHub > Payments.

Click Activate in Payment method to activate ShopBase Balance payment method for PrintHub.

C. Manually pay your Print Hub orders

From ShopBase admin site, go to Apps > Print Hub > Payments.

Select the pending orders and click Pay now.

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Updated on: 13/09/2022

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