Funnels in Facebook Pixel will help you track your customer activities and get more information about your store's conversion rate.

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A. What are funnels?

B. Before you setup funnels

C. How to set up funnels

A. What are Facebook funnels?

Funnels in Facebook Analytics are made up of events, which act as steps that you want to measure. Create funnels to measure conversions for a sequence of actions and to see how long it takes for conversions to occur. They can also be used to check where customers drop their carts, thus help merchants to improve the store and its checkout flow.

To learn more about Facebook funnels, you can visit Facebook help.

B. Before you setup funnels

Make sure you have
registered for a Facebook account,

Set up Facebook Pixel on your account,

set up Facebook Pixel to work with your ShopBase store.

Check out our instruction here about the complete guide for these steps.

C. How to set up funnels

Step 1: Go to Ads Manager >> Analytics >> Choose the Facebook pixel you want to track >> Facebook pixel dashboard >> Activity >> Funnels

Step 2: Create funnel, add event and save for later use

After adding a funnel step, you have the following options:
Refine: Click Refine near a step's name to add parameters, which allow you to add more rules to each event.
Example: Say you'd like your funnel step to only apply to people who viewed your analytics entity from a computer. After you choose the event for your funnel step, you would then refine that step by the Device Info parameter of Device Type is, choose Computer and click Apply.

Change Event: Click a step's name to change the event. To remove a step from your funnel, click X near the step's name.

Reorder Step: Hover over the step you'd like to reorder and click and drag to reorder a step.

Anyone with access to Facebook Analytics can create funnels, but only Admins and Developers can save, edit or delete them. Please visit Facebook Help page for more information.

URLs you use for your funnel will differ depending on your products and checkout flow.
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