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A. Colors
B. Typography
C. Checkout

A. Colors

You can decorate your store with different colors for specific sections. The instructions and steps can be found in Roller theme: Settings - Color

B. Typography

Roller themes also allow you to control the typography displaying on your website. Please refer to this link for more information: Roller theme: Settings - Typography

C. Checkout

With Roller themes setting, you will have more options to edit the checkout page appearance:
Banner: enable to upload background image and add alt text to improve SEO
Logo: custom logo on your own by add photo, alt text and adjust logo position
Main Content Area: edit image, alt text, background color and form fields
Order summary: set up background image, alt text and background color for this section
Typography: select the topography for heading and body
Color: adjust colors showing on accents, buttons, and error
More customization: You can make some changes their checkout summary page's appearance by adding some scripts: CSS code to cha
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