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Resource for promoting ShopBase

To help you get success with your affiliate program, ShopBase equip you with all sort of resources that both you and your referrals need to understand about ShopBase & the benefits you'll receive when using ShopBase. You're also provided with continuously-updated promotional materials, thus save your time & effort promoting ShopBase.

1. ShopBase online store templates
Highly converting, well-designed, and responsive store templates that allows you to show off all your products to catch customers' attention and skyrocket sales right the moment you sign up with ShopBase.

Sneak a look at our online store templates

2. ShopBase store demo
ShopBase provides you a variety of store-demo with different niche-themes to give a close-up look at how a fully customized and optimized online website looks like. Let's check out our demo online stores:

Fashion store

Pet supplier store

Phone accessories store

Men fashion store

Cosmetics store

Shoes store

General dropshipping store

Print-on-deman store

3. ShopBase vs Shopify (Why ShopBase is a perfect alternative to Shopify?)
Here is our full article about ShopBase vs Shopify differences to help you determine what's best when it comes to evaluating eCommerce platforms.

Dive right in this article!

4. ShopBase vs Amazon (Specialized for Chinese merchants)
When Amazon exposes its disadvantages with fierce competition and harsh policy, ShopBase is definitely a better option to create an independent online store and scale your business in the long term.

Find out more in this article

5. ShopBase merchants' revenue dashboards
For those who want to share ShopBase merchants’ revenue as proof of ShopBase’s success in helping merchants sell & scale their eCommerce business.

Let's check it out!

6. ShopBase website banner set
Use our pre-made banners to promote ShopBase in your website. There are several sets of banner packs in different sizes for affiliates to use.

Here is one example of our web banner:

Download ShopBase website banner set

7. ShopBase free ebooks
Free and insightful eBooks brought to you by ShopBase experts to help you master your eCommerce business.

19 strategies that 6-figure dropshipping businesses always follow

13 surefire strategies for list building

Advanced Instagram marketing for eCommerce

Conversion checklist for dropshipping stores

Facebook advertising checklist for eCommerce

8. ShopBase free guides
Back-up your online store with actionable marketing tips, case studies, and multiple resources from ShopBase.

English & Vietnam blog:

Chinese blog:

9. ShopBase community
Join ShopBase community to learn deeper insight into the eCommerce industry and have more open discussions with enthusiastic merchants who are eager to grow their online business.

Join our Vietnam community

Join our International community

Chinese community

10. Resources to learn about Affiliate strategy

ShopBase affiliate resources for you

How to go from $0 to an extra $5,000 passive income each month with ShopBase affiliate program? by Emma Tran
Affiliate Marketing: How it Transforms Your e-Commerce Business by Aditya


Affiliate Marketing in 2020: What is it and how you can get started by Adam Enfroy

Affiliate Marketing: Step by Step Guide for Beginners by Affilorama

The ultimate guide to affiliate marketing: The most comprehensive guide to affiliate marketing ever created by Charles Ngo

The Ultimate Blogger’s Guide To Affiliate Marketing by ThirstyAffiliate

Affiliate Marketing 101 by Wayne and Kim L.T.Porter
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