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A. Connect ShopBase Payments

B. Information to prepare

C. Notes

A. Connect ShopBase Payments

Make sure that your store's Country is Vietnam. You can go to ShopBase admin > Settings > General to check.

Step 1: From Settings, select Payment Provider

Step 2: At the block Accept credit cards, click Register for ShopBase Payments account.

Step 3: Click on button Save for review for ShopBase to review your store. If there's any information that needs verification, ShopBase will contact you via Emails. Otherwise, we will review and approve your store.

Step 4: Fill in all required information in the KYC form. Click Submit to send your approval request. The system will send back results at the block Accept credit cards.

B. Information to prepare

There're 4 categories you need to prepare to register ShopBase Payments:

Business Information: details about the business-owning/managing your store, such as business name, address, website, Tax ID, Business Register Number, etc.

If your store is run by individuals and doesn't belong to specific companies, choose your Business Type as Sole Proprietorship.
Use a website that is well built and designed with all clear information about:

- Products: not contain or be designed with any images/likeness of brands that are copyright protected that would infringe upon trademark rights
- Country of the company: put it on the checkout page or the pages immediately before the checkout page - Example)
- About us page (Example)
- Contact us page (Example)
- Shipping Policy page (Example)
- Privacy Policy page (Example)
- Terms of Service (Example)
- Return and Refund Policy (Example).

Please note that you need to list the following information in detail: delivery time and cost, refund method, refund reviewing and proceeding time.

Previous Payment Statement: BlueSnap requires to submit older transactions between your customers and you via other processors like Stripe and PayPal (For Stripe statement, export All columns (51)). This detail enhances your store's credibility and helps your request sooner to be approved.

Images/scans of your Passport (or Government ID) and business registration certificate, Voided Check/Bank Letter/Bank Statement: these documents are required by BlueSnap to review your business. You don't have to send these documents in the form submitting to ShopBase Payments. We will contact you (the shop owner) via email or chat right when there's a request from BlueSnap team.

Personal Information và Ownership Information: details about the owners and representatives of the store, such as names, addresses, identity card number, contact info.

Bank Information: details about your bank card you're using to receive payouts.

Minimum Payout Amount: needs to be $35 at least. It means when your ShopBase Payment account reaches this amount (excluding the Refund Reserve), you will automatically receive Payout via your registered card.
Refund Reserve (the retained amount for your refund): needs to be $100 at least.

Product and Service Description: details about your store products/services description.


A detailed description of introduction about your company, which products/services you are selling, where you manufacture or import your products, and who are your customers


For Print on Demand stores:

- We are a 20-staff company based in London, UK / Shenzhen, China.
- We design and sell the custom printed products like T-shirts, Mugs.
- We use ShopBase fulfillment partners with printing factories in California & Texas, USA to make and fulfill our products.
- We primarily sell to US customers, but we also ship worldwide.

For regular e-commerce / dropshipping stores:

- We are a 20-staff company based in London, UK / Shenzhen, China.
- We sell women's clothing products / mobile accessories.
- We use ShopBase fulfillment to buy our products and ship them to buyers.
- We primarily sell to US customers, but we also ship worldwide.

C. Notes

Only fill in the registration form when you have the complete and correct information in the required fields. You can send the info to ShopBase in prior to your submission, and our team support will help you check in advance.
Submitted information is in English. Do not use other languages in your form.
Time to receive the response is from 6 hours to 3 days. if you don't get any reply after 3 days, please contact ShopBase. We will help you contact with BlueSnap processor.
When you Activate ShopBase by BlueSnap, make sure to set “Required” for Full Name and Shipping address Phone Number at Checkout. It's in the Settings > Checkout > Form options.

When the registration succeeds, we will send you an account to login your BlueSnap console via emails. Then, you'd need to:

Set Statement descriptor at General setting >> Branding settings as

Turn on 3D Secure by contacting BlueSnap's support team. When BlueSnap has turned on 3Ds feature for your account, you can see it in the Fraud Settings.

Turn on Fraud checks at Fraud Settings page by contacting BlueSnap's .

Please select Already a customer when you contact team BlueSnap
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