To create a test PrintBase order, you'll need to enable test mode for payment for your PrintBase store.

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A. Enable test mode
B. Create a test order
C. View a test order

A. Enable test mode

From your PrintBase store dashboard, select Settings > Payment providers.

In the Payment test mode section, check on the Enable test mode option.

B. Create a test order

Go to your online store and place an order as a customer would. At checkout, you should see a small warning that the test mode is on and 2 methods to checkout: Credit card and Paypal.

For Credit card section

As the test Stripe account is enabled for your store, you can use the Stripe test cards to place the order. For example:

4242424242424242 - To Simulate an Approved Transaction
4000000000000002 - To Simulate a Declined Transaction

Any cardholder name and any three numbers can be used as the "Card Security Code", or any expiry date in the future will work.

For Paypal section

You will need to create a Sandbox account here or follow this instruction:

After you have successfully created a Paypal Sandbox account, use it to create test orders on your store.

C. View a test order

From your PrintBase store dashboard, select Orders > All orders.

Click on the order that you want to view.
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