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PrintBase Tier Progam is designed for merchants to receive extra bonus and exclusive benefits when selling with PrintBase.

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A. What is PrintBase Tier Program
B. How PrintBase Tier Program works
C. PrintBase Tier Program dashboard
D. FAQs about PrintBase Tier Program

A. What is PrintBase Tier Program

In PrintBase Tier Program, you can earn Stars to exchange for rewards and level up your Tiers. Each Tier will bring privileges exclusively to PrintBase merchants such as: prior support from a Customer Success Manager, special gifts on various occasions, invitations to private events, in-depth market-insight reports, free sample on selected products, invitations to PrintBase exclusive programs, and priority to build requested features.

PrintBase Tier Program will be automatically enabled when you sign up PrintBase successfully.

B. How PrintBase Tier Program works

Earn and accumulate Tier Stars for every sold item:

Tier Stars will be accumulated for each merchant account.
You can earn up to 1 Star for each sold item and complete sales challenges to boost your total Stars.
Gold Base = 1 Star
Silver Base = 0.5 Star

Exchange Stars for exclusive rewards:

Once you collect Stars, you can redeem them for special rewards, starting at 200 Stars. The higher the Tier, the bigger the rewards.

Level up Tier and earn better benefits:

Tier Stars are accumulated to level up Tier and exchange for rewards.
To maintain your Tier status, you must earn a certain number of Stars (equal to the Tier standard).

Check the Tier standard out at PrintBase Tier Program.

C. PrintBase Tier Program dashboard

From your PrintBase admin site, go to Tier program.

In the PrintBase Tier Program page, you can see the following information about your Tier Stars:

The amount of Tier Stars you currently have.
Your current Tier level.
How many Tier Stars you need to accumulate to reach the next Tier.
How many days left in your Tier cycle.
The benefits of your current Tier.

You can also see Redeemable Stars that you are currently having.

Once you have accumulated enough Redeemable Stars, you can exchange them for the respective fund as listed in the Rewards section.
This fund will be transferred to your ShopBase Balance to use for other transactions on your PrintBase stores, or payout later upon your wish. Please refer to this article about ShopBase Balance for more details.
To exchange your Redeemable Stars to its respective amount in ShopBase Balance, click Redeem next to your desired reward and the Redeemable Stars will be deducted accordingly.

D. Frequently asked questions about PrintBase Tier Program

You may find the full list of frequently asked questions about PrintBase Tier Program in this link. In case you want to find out more, please don't hesitate to contact us via LiveChat for further support.
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