General Introduction:

What is Boost Convert and how does it work?

Set-up Instruction:

How to install Boost Convert app into my ShopBase store?
How to use Social Proof feature by Boost Convert?
How to use Countdown Tools feature by Boost Convert?
How to translate the Boost Convert app?
How to create custom notifications?
How to show Countdown tools on specific product pages?
How to customize the position of Countdown Tools?
How to change the duration on Timer countdown?


How to hide products from Boost Convert?
How to add Countdown Tools to homepage?
How to set up multiple Timer countdowns?
How to delete a Social Proof notification?
How to hide a customer's name on Social Proof notifications?
Why don't I see any Social Proof notification?
Why my orders cannot be synced with Boost Convert?
Understand time variables on Boost Convert
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