Upselling and cross-selling techniques can maximize the benefit of both customers and online business owners. Learn about Upsell & Cross-sell techniques in eCommerce here.
In this post, we are going to give you some tips to make up-selling and cross-selling tips by Boost Upsell and Boost Convert apps on ShopBase store which might help your online shop grow at its best.

In this article:
A. Boost Upsell
B. Set-up Instruction

A. Boost Upsell

Boost Upsell is an app that allows you to pitch additional products to get your customers to buy more or acquire more enhanced products. It is imperative to have up-sell/cross-sell offers on your site as they can help you to increase your profit especially when your customers are on a shopping spree.
It also has a product recommendation feature that helps to create the sitewide personalized cross-sell and up-sell suggestions in the footer of the page and offer quantity discounts to boost up your conversions and increase average order value.

Please refer to this introduction to fully understand Boost Upsell app.

B. Set-up Instruction

How to install Boost Upsell app into my ShopBase store?
How does Product Recommendation work?
How to create a custom upsell offer with Boost Upsell app?
How to create a custom cross-sell offer with Boost Upsell app?
How do Smart Upsell and Smart Cross-sell work?
How to change the Call-To-Action button on your Bundles or Quantity Discount Offer?
How to use Quantity Discount feature?
How to create a Post-purchase upsell offer?
How to choose specific products to show on Product Recommendation widget?
How does Quick View feature work?


How to hide products from Boost Upsell?
Main reasons as to why Upsell offers are not showing up
Why do I see strange offers showing up?
How to duplicate an offer?


How to create an irresistible Add-to-cart upsell offer?
How to increase your revenue by creating Cross-sell offers?

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